The school festival last week was really exciting. There were a lot of young talents showing their skills. There were also parents and former students watching and enjoying the show. You were also able to buy food such as ice cream, ordinary bread with toppings and some juices like Sprite. Music and dance moves were not the only things that could be enjoyed there though. You could go into the gym-hall play basketball or just do one of the many activity-stations. There also was a delicious food truck in front of the school. At the show there were kids from a variety of different classes. One rode their bike, a few sang and a few danced.

Thank you for everyone participating (Csenge & Stella, Nathalie, Chiara, Sara, Leon & Benjamin, Zoe & Larissa, Leon, Marius, Nomi & Leonie, Sohpie)

Yours Adrian 😊


Wir sind sehr stolz auf alle Teilnehmer:innen der Talenteshow und gratulieren Sophie ganz herzlich als Gewinnerin der Talenteshow!

... weitere Bilder folgen in der kommenden Woche!!