Und auch heuer war die "BIKU"-Woche bei den 4.Klassen der IMS ein voller Erfolg!


Adrian war so lieb und berichtet uns auf Englisch wie ihm der Workshop gefallen hat:

Before BIKU-week even started everyone was very excited about it. When the day finally came, everyone couldn’t actually believe it had already started.

There were three teachers: Jerome, Leah and Rae. Everyone of them was outstanding in their own way.

Jerome, a fun and super motivated guy, was in class B. One of the most important things he told us was that we weren’t only going to learn about English but also about life. We learnt about ourselves, money and other people's opinion. Jerome was also in charge of the music workshop.

Rae was in charge of class B and the sports workshop. He was very sporty and very interested in music too. I noticed, that he was very fast and a well trained guy, because we could never beat him at Flag Football.

Flag Football explained: There is a kicker in the back, who has to pass the ball to someone who needs to run past the touchdown line. The ball can only be passed one time. You lose if one of your flags, the one on your hips, gets ripped off.

And of course there was also Leah. I didn’t have her in any workshop, but I heard that she was very chill, and they did cool stuff with her. She was in charge of class C and did the drama workshop. In this workshop they did a little drama play and learned how to act. They also watched a few short films.

I honestly think that if we could go back in time and redo the BIKU-workshop - everybody would enjoy it a lot. In my opinion the BIKU-workshop would get 10 out of 10 points :-)

Thanks a lot for organizing this great workshop!